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CINCA is an industrial company producer of wall and floor tiles whose mission is to meet the needs of customers and users of their products by providing a wide range of high quality wall and floor tiles with competitive prices and lead times, complemented by an extensive customer service.


The Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety at Work policy at Cinca is based on the participation of all employees of the organization in the planning department, implementation and maintenance, targeting actions for continuous improvement:
  •  of quality. By manufacturing, developing and implementation of products and services that meet the requirements of markets and customers, satisfying their needs within the highest standard of quality, exceeding the requirements of applicable norms;
  •  of environmental performance. Through the identification and control of environmental aspects and impacts of the company, ensuring the reduction and prevention of pollution as well as conservation of natural resources;
  •  of energetic performance. By identifying and monitoring the energy consumptions, establishing plans for the rational use, improvement of efficiency and reduction of consumption in order to reduce costs, greenhouse gas emissions and other related environmental impacts;
  •  of safety at work. For the prevention of hazards, accidents and occupational diseases, based on continuous training, qualification and appreciation of its employees.


Conscious of its role in building a future based on sustainability, Cinca has developed, implemented and maintains an Integrated Management System covering the vectors Quality, Environment, Energy and Safety and based on the international recognition of the reference norms ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 45001.
The permanent monitoring of processes and systems enables to improve the quality with minimum waste and maximum resources in order to minimize the environmental impacts of their activity.


Cinca, which is part of a healthy guideline in a social and industrial environment, strives for the welfare of those who relate to them (customers, suppliers, employees and society in general) and works on a continuous improvement of its products, manufacturing processes and methods of work, without ignoring the environment and in strict compliance with the required norms, laws and regulations.
Therefore, the Board of CINCA commits to inform the present integrated policy to the whole organization, as well as to maintain and continuously improve its Integrated Management System, so that it is appropriate, effective and publicly acknowledged in pursuit of the guidelines here expressed.

CINCA: Quality Ceramic tiles with Respect for Nature